Basic Concept

The world's main gold market

  1. The London gold market: the London gold market has two characteristics, gold pricing system, gold settlement center. Twice daily London gold market gold pricing, to discuss specify a able to promote the relationship between supply and demand balance appropriate price, which is mainly based on observation of the gold market trends is the most representative of the world's gold market price. Price decision, news agencies put the news of the gold price in a matter of minutes spread to all over the world, the gold market, the London gold trading.
  2. Zurich gold market: Zurich gold market is the world's largest stock trading center. The market in order to meet the needs of the customer transactions, commissioned several banks mainly engaged in the refining of gold refining the BRIC into special gold bullion or gold coins, and gold trading mainly Western countries, the most important gold market.
  3. The New York gold market: the U.S. Treasury and the IMF to sell gold in this auction, the New York gold futures market became famous, to become the world's largest and most influential of the gold futures market. The market daily trading average of about 30,000 pen, the trading volume of approximately 70 tons of gold.
  4. Tokyo gold market: characteristics of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange is futures trading mainly actually due for delivery, the annual volume of up to tens of thousands of tons.
  5. Hong Kong gold market: established in 1909, initially trading gold and silver coins. Connected in time and space on the U.S. market and the European market for the favor of the gold brokerage firm in the world, to become one of Asia's most important gold market.

The advantages of Gold Trading

  • Two- Way Trading: Investor can flexible grasp of market trends and earn profit through two-way trading.
  • Long Trading time: 24-hour trading (except Sunday and legal holidays).
  • Daily trading volume is huge: No dealer can manipulate the prices. It rely entirely on market supply and demand to adjust the price.
  • Preferred hedging products: Against the risk of depreciation of assets.
  • T+0 transcactions: The funds quickly back to the rope, investor can more efficient use of funds and to quickly grasp investment opportunities again.
  • Varieties only: Do not like stock selection in the nearly 1,000 stocks in the selection, variety is not conducive to analysis, the gold more investor-focused analysis.