“Millionaire Academy”– The exciting educational economic quiz by TeleTrade

Forex начинающим

“Millionaire Academy” is an educational project by TeleTrade, organised in the form of an online quiz. The quiz is open to anyone who wants to participate. All you have to do is go to http://www.teletrade.eu, answer the questions and earn points!

The quiz questions are taken from the field of economics, finance and history, without requiring any previous specialist knowledge. At this point, our database has more than 1,000 questions, where each question is accompanied by a certificate of information.

The quiz is divided into seasons. One season lasts for one calendar month. At the end of each month, the score of the participants is summed up. The top three winners get the opportunity to enter into a contract to open a real trading account with TeleTrade. The winner receives 5000$ on his/her trading account, the runner-up 2000$ and the participant ranked 3rd gets 1000$.

More details about the scoring system, the ranking system and the terms and conditions of the contest can be found on the relevant section of the contest page at: http://www.teletrade.eu.

Start game
  • Go to the contest site and press the start button to determine your start-up capital.

  • Receive your start-up capital and begin answering the warm-up questions. You get 50 points for each correct answer.

  • When you score 1000 points, you go to the “Big Game”, where you compete with other participants for a position in the overall rating.

    In the “Big Game” the process is much more complicated. The number of attempts is limited and you can even get burned because of an incorrect answer.

  • You can invite your friends to participate and get extra points and attempts to take the lead in the fight for the first place.

  • At the end of each month the score is being summed up. The winner gets the opportunity to open a trading account of 5000$ with TeleTrade, the runner-up a 2000$ account, while the participant ranked 3rd a1000$ account.

    All other participants get three additional attempts in the next season of the “Big Game”.

The quiz has no termination date, therefore, every month you have the opportunity to lead the scoring. The accumulated points for inviting your friends to participate are being kept in each new season!

*Terms & Conditions.