Trader - the profession of the XXI century

Trader is an individual who engages in financial transactions for profit.

The profession of trader is becoming more prestigious and popular year after year. In the past, a person needed 20 years of experience in the field in order to become a proficient trader. Now, anyone who knows how to use a computer and the internet can become a trader.

This profession is so popular because of the amount of profit that traders make. Experienced traders have an average return on investment of up to 100% in a month! Most of them keep their profit numbers secret. But some of them share some of this sensitive information.


  • Anyone can become a trader
    You don’t need to have any relevant education and experience to start trading Forex. The only thing that you have to learn is a special programme, called the trading platform. This programme enables traders to carry out their transactions.
  • Trade anywhere and anytime you like
    You can carry out your transactions from anywhere in the world and at any time you like, provided that you have internet access. Because of this feature, the trader is not tied to a specific place and can work when it is most convenient to him.
  • Unlimited profit
    The earnings that a trader can attain are unlimited and depend solely on his knowledge, trading skills and desire to work.
  • You are your own boss
    A trader does not work for a specific salary, nor has a boss who constantly checks on the quality and quantity of his work. Therefore, this can be considered as a dream job with increased responsibilities though. In order to be successful, a trader should be goal-oriented and have the abilities to work independently and make quick decisions. People who have these qualities get high returns on investment and stand out among the Forex elite.

How to become a trader?

How much do traders earn?