The policy of non-disclosure of personal information of our customers

TeleTrade company pays great attention to the protection and confidentiality of personal data of its customers, as well as financial information..

We use advanced security technologies, enhancing the confidentiality of the information. This gives customers high reliability and security with our financial instruments.

Regarding personal data of our customers, as well as the contact information specified directly in an application for opening an account or participate in other programs (promotions, bonuses, contests, etc.); We use the information obtained solely for communication with the client, and do not disclose them to third parties, unless required by law. Also, in some cases, as described below.

The company can transfer the data to agents and third parties who act on the basis of the contract with the company, if required to fulfill obligations to the client.

  • The company can take advantage of technology «cookies», which do not contain confidential information and is not transferable.
  • Information about the ip-address of the client is not used for identification, but it can be obtained and maintained by the company.
  • If the information was provided by the client to the company's website in was in a sort of accessible form, the company is then not responsible.
  • In the case of a voluntary transfer of their customer contact information, login and password to third parties, the company is not responsible.

The Company uses these TeleTrade contact information in order to fulfill its obligations to the client, as well as for the evaluation and analyze its activities and operation of the site to identify the winners and participants of shares and competitions held by the company.

TeleTrade, using personal data obtained legally is entitled to send advertising and informational messages to the client.