24% Bonus

Get 24 % Forex bonus on your deposit!

Invest in the FOREX market and get a yield of 24% per annum!

TeleTrade credits the 24% bonus which is being paid to the client for achieving a specified traded volume of lots per month.


  • The client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions.
  • 24% will be credited on a monthly basis at the rate of 2% for the full month only if there will be funds in the trading account and if a specified traded volume of lots are achieved. Partial payments of the bonus are not conducted.
  • All types of accounts are included.
  • The payment of the bonus is credited on the account’s Equity on the last day of the reporting month. Equity = free funds in the account - (credit + funds in the current month). The funds deposited into the account in the reporting period will be not included in the calculation of the bonus.
  • If the client withdraws any funds from his/ her account or closes his/ her account in the reporting month, the bonus will not be credited for this month.
  • In order to get the bonus a client must provide the required amount of traded lots: more than 2 (two) full lots for every 1,000 of available funds*. If there is a bonus in the account the calculation of specified traded volume of lots also includes this bonus.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn by a client if the bonus is already credited to the account.
  • This bonus promotion may be combined with other valid TeleTrade’s bonus programs.
  • TeleTrade reserves the right to change this terms and conditions at any time.

*Please note that the calculation of traded lots in MT5 differs from the calculation in MT4. The bonus will be credited to the account for a full trade. For instance: you open the buy position of 2 lots in EURUSD. Your next position is the sell trade with the same currency pair and with the volume of 1 lot. It means your total position in EURUSD is the 1 existing buy lot. For the calculation of the bonus it counts as one full lot if you close this lot.

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