Demo account

TeleTrade’s offering to novice traders at WSE includes a proprietary demo account feature that allows Clients to obtain free access to a simulated market environment featuring exactly the same set of financial instruments, market data inputs and trading terminal functionality as those available to traders in real life marketplace. This demo environment builds upon the actual history of market quotes and deals as streamed from the WSE gateway, and adds a proprietary simulator of the marketplace that generates the flow of orders and provides a deal-matching mechanism that is based on the actual rules of the marketplace.

The entire functionality of QUIK is available for testing and practicing in the simulated environment. A Client is provided with a substantial demo trading limit, and is free to get accustomed with the trading interface, practice submitting all types of orders, execute trades, or study the historical market information available in the terminal. The simulated environment runs within TeleTrade’s own technical infrastructure, and is available as needed by Clients, beyond official market hours of WSE and regardless of the actual marketplace is open or not. The Client’s portfolios and active conditional orders are rolled over to the next trading sessions, allowing Clients to test longer term trading strategies.

To get a demo account and access the testing environment, the Client only needs to download, install and set up the QUIK terminal as explained in the Onboarding guide, and contact our Support via a contact form below to request for a personal demo account and connection with the testing environment. We will respond by providing electronic keys for the terminal, and login detail for the Client’s demo account.

Demo Account