Becoming a customer

Registration of Client accounts is available online at the TeleTrade’s web site.

Individual clients should proceed with the registration by default and provide requested information to establish an individual account.

Corporate clients should choose "Registration for legal entities", and then open a corporate account in the name of the person properly authorized by the respective company for managing and operating the account.

For individual accounts, the following documents would be required to be scanned and uploaded to the TeleTrade’s web site, and subsequently delivered, as an original or a true certified copy, translated in English, to your local Teletrade office.

Passport copy or National ID card if the client does not have a passport. The document must show a photo of the holder and a serial number.
2. Proof of residence - this document can be in the form of a utility bill (electricity, water or landline telephone bill, home internet bill), local authority tax bill, bank statement or other equivalent document showing the client’s full name and should be dated within the last 6 months. Depending on the country of origin this may include the following additional documents and will be considered on a case by case basis.

The same document cannot be used as proof of ID and address. Therefore in all cases 2 different documents must be submitted by Clients. Please note that images of the documents should be legible and clearly identify a documents serial number, issuance date and name of the issuing authority, as well as Client’s full name and address.

For corporate accounts, the same procedure as for individual accounts should be followed with respect to the authorized user of the account, and then an additional set of documents should be submitted to provide necessary detail on the account beneficiary:

1. Corporate client application fully filled in and signed by the company’s duly authorized signatory
2. Certificate of registered office
3. Memorandum and articles of association the Company
4. Certificate of Registered Shareholders
5. Certificate of Directors and Secretary
6. Certificate of Good Standing if the Company has been registered more than a year ago
7. Official Company Resolution to open a trading account and appoint authorised user
8. Copy of financial statements of the Company for the most recent financial period

Additional documents and information can be required, in which case TeleTrade will ask for it specifically.