QUIK Trading Platform

quik QUIK is a sophisticated platform providing online access to the Warsaw Stock Exchange trading system. It is one of the most popular trading platforms enabling access to multiple foreign exchanges, through the same technical environment. QUIK is being used by more than 250 financial companies for servicing thousands of clients around the world. Developer of QUIK, ARQA Technologies, is duly recognized as an Independent Software Vendor co-operating with WSE.

By using the QUIK platform, you can:

  • View registration and trading information on all instruments traded on the WSE (ISIN, market segment, face value, price step, current accrued interest on debt securities etc);
  • View, customize, and export market data, including history of quotes and trades executed on the respective exchange;
  • Use a variety of build-in technical analysis tools on the market data;
  • Submit, withdraw or modify orders of all types, including deferred and conditional orders, machine-generated orders and off-chart orders;
  • Monitor status of orders and account limits in real-time.
Download QuikSetup Download Quik manual

Benefits of using QUIK

  • Access to WSE markets and trading modes from the same platform.
  • Margin trading with automatically monitored adequacy of client funds.
  • Dynamic revaluation of current positions and placement of contingent orders for long and short positions.
  • Online monitoring of the user’s portfolio value and the amount of available margin funds.
  • Reliable protection of confidential information.
  • Graphical analysis of the price charts.
  • Ability to import / export data (text files, DDE and ODBC).
  • Integrated Lua language for building tables and further programming to display trading strategies.
  • Data transmission through an optimized protocol, which significantly reduces Internet traffic.